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Institutions with deep knowledge of the skills needed for managing conventional HPC infrastructure can find the paradigms and tools of cloud a steep learning curve.

The skills gap is one of the greatest challenges facing research institutions making the journey to OpenStack private cloud.

StackHPC is here to help. We offer workshops for clients to build up the local skill set, capabilities and confidence in order to help teams tasked with OpenStack administration become effective and self-sustaining as quickly as possible.

OpenStack HIIT: A High-Intensity Workshop in Six Sessions

Six sessions of technical content developed for small groups (up to 6 participants), delivered as an online videoconference by one or more Senior Tech Leads from StackHPC. The workshop sessions enable a group to gain experience in areas such as:

  1. Step-by-step deployment of an OpenStack control plane into a virtualised lab environment.
  2. A deep dive into the control plane to understand how it fits together and how it works.
  3. Operations and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles. Best practices for operating cloud infrastructure.
  4. Monitoring and logging for OpenStack infrastructure and workloads.
  5. Deploying platforms and applications to OpenStack infrastructure.
  6. OpenStack software-defined networking deep dive.
  7. Ceph storage and OpenStack.
  8. Contributing to a self-sustaining open source community.
  9. Deploying Kubernetes using OpenStack Magnum.

Six sessions can be chosen by the client to best meet their needs. The six sessions can be scheduled together, or spread apart, to allow for self-guided follow-up investigation.

The workshop lab sessions are performed in a hosted cloud environment. Using a client's own infrastructure is also possible, with provision of additional time for setup and qualification of client systems. This enables clients to easily recreate lab environments after the HIIT workshop has completed.

OpenStack HIIT

For further details see our HIIT workshop brochure

Bespoke Workshops: Developing Skills for Scientific OpenStack

Our bespoke workshops offer some unique advantages, described here.

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