StackHPC Joins the OpenStack Bare Metal Program

At StackHPC, our client requirements often take the form that we must deliver cloud-native infrastructure without making any sacrifice to existing levels of performance. This can be challenging at times, but would not be possible at all without OpenStack Ironic, the engine that makes software-defined bare metal work.

Ironic enables our clients to deploy on-premise high-performance computing infrastructure using the same methods they would use to deploy infrastructure in the cloud. This is driving a revolution in research computing infrastructure management.

Bare metal program logo

The StackHPC team's commitment to Ironic is long and deep, and pre-dates the formation of StackHPC itself. Within StackHPC we have made it a core component of our expertise. At the Open Infrastructure Summit this week in Denver, check out StackHPC team member Mark Goddard's presentation of his recent work on deep reconfigurability of bare metal. And come along to our hands-on workshop, A Universe from Nothing to get familiar with Kayobe, our Ironic-centric deployment tool for Kolla-Ansible OpenStack. Both are on Tuesday afternoon.

We'll also be talking about our commitment to high performance computing (and no doubt touching on the role Ironic can play in delivering it) in John Garbutt's presentation Lessons learnt federating OpenStack powered supercomputers on Monday afternoon, and Stig Telfer's panel session HPC using OpenStack on Wednesday morning.

Finally, the Scientific SIG on Monday afternoon always includes a boat load of bare metal.