OpenInfra Live: OpenStack in Academia

Speaking on behalf of the Scientific SIG

StackHPC tackles an increasing breadth of activities, but our core business remains helping academic institutions to get the most out of OpenStack private cloud infrastructure.

One very rewarding way in which we contribute is through participation in the OpenStack Scientific SIG. The Scientific SIG has an open membership, and on a day-to-day basis convenes on a Slack channel (get in touch for a sign-up link). The SIG's primary purpose is to provide social infrastruture, maintaining social connections and information sharing between various scientific and academic instutions. One way we do this is through a Slack workspace. At the time of writing there are about 150 members. Get in touch if you would like a link to join.

The OpenInfra Foundation organises weekly webinars, OpenInfra Live, covering all things open infra. This week it was Kendall's turn to lead a discussion on How OpenStack is Used in Academia, and as SIG representative it was my pleasure to join a great panel of researchers and service providers for academic institutions:

You can see our discussion here:

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